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In a Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology) reading, Raymond will walk you through your chart, navigating the intricacies of your future and helping you to understand the patterns of your past.

Ayurvedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is "the Science of Light". Over 7 thousand years old, Jyotish is a profoundly sophisticated form of astrology originating in India through the Vedic Traditions. Planetary patterns specific to your chart, based on exact time and place of birth, give clues to understanding your life's journey. By analyzing these cosmic influences, real issues are clarified. Together, a plan is created to best serve you as you move into your future. With this plan, you will be given guidelines to optimize your full potential - highlighting your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses.

Forecasting periods of your life and helping you understand the trends of your engrained patterns will allow you the freedom from pain and sorrow. In this way, historic changes can take place right before your eyes. This will boast your moral, create success in your life, and help you find harmony and happiness - it will help you live your true destiny.

Ayurveda teaches that Jyotish is a natural, holistic approach to life's mysteries and a view into the divine light of your life. It is one's very nature to know one's self deeply. By opening the doors to your past, you can walk through the struggles of the future. All of life's mistakes become knowledge that is laid out at your fingertips. Your inner understanding takes place naturally, continuously, and effortlessly. Jyotish presupposes that all knowing is encoded in the framework of our hearts, minds and spirits.

You must know your birth time, date, and place (city and state/country) for this work to be done.
Without it, we can only move so far.

Practitioner Available for Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology)
Raymond Dalle

Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Available by appointment only

Duration and Pricing

Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology)
2 hour appointments, $100 per hour
Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology) appointments may include an Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Sliding Scale Available and PayPal Payments Accepted