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Brain Integration Therapy

Brain Integration Therapy is a specialty that supports the science of developmental optometry and ophthalmology. You may begin our program after having a general eye exam from by a developmental optometrist or opthalmologist in your area. We recommend this to determine that the health of the eye is normal. (Please bring your current prescription from your eye doctor if you are wearing glasses.) Click here to see a list of doctors that support Seeing the Light.

Brain integration skills build through a developmental process between the ages of 0 - 7 years. However, many people skip or do not complete a step because of emotional stress or environmental conditions. Before an acceptable foundation is in place, they are asked to begin to perform school tasks or other visually demanding programs. Science indicates that we do not "see" with our eyes. Rather, vision is the reception of light-coded messages and processing of visual information by the whole brain. Since vision is the dominant sense, it becomes clear that efficient visual skills are a critical part of learning, working and recreation. Learning to use both eyes is a whole brain integration skill. How your eyes move, alight, fixate, and focus as a team enhances your ability to interpret and understand all potential visual information available to you. Vision develops in a concurrent process with the other senses increasing from gross to fine motor control, through integration within the brain.

Developmental testing begins with the Keystone Telebinocular instrument. It will give you a personal experience of what one eye is doing while both are looking. Another instrument that we will use to gain knowledge of your visual systems is a Visual Fields test. This is done with colored wands while using your peripheral vision. If the client is a child, 3 - 18 years old, we may include developmental testing to determine learning style preference.

After compiling test results, together we will create an individualized program for remediation of visual challenges. This may include reducing or eliminating your prescription.

The initial visit is usually two hours for testing. Follow up visits are once a week, bi-monthly or once a month in-office depending on your need. The greatest goal is to educate you about your own visual system. Therefore, Seeing the Light has developed an extensive at-home program. In office visits you will learn different procedures to remediate whatever deficiency was found during testing. You will then be encouraged to go home and do these procedures on your own for 15 - 20 minutes a day. Parents are encouraged to stay for the visit with their child to learn these different procedures that they will be doing at home. A notebook is given to each client, detailing the procedures and any implements needed to successfully complete the program.

Developmental Optometry Doctors that Support Seeing the Light:

Dr. Gary Scheffel
9490 Madison Ave. Suite 100, Orangevale, CA 95662
(916) 988-2212

Dr. Larry Jebrock
1702 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947
(415) 897-9691

Dr. John Downing, O.D., Ph.D.
506 South Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 827-3664

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Ocular Light Therapy

One of our main therapies that we incorporate into our Brain Integration Therapy is Ocular Light Therapy. Ocular light therapy is a non-invasive long lasting treatment of visual challenges. In addition, it may also be used to treat migraines, attention deficit disorder, insomnia and hormonal imbalances.

It is a powerful stress reduction process that stimulates your vital life force and rebalances your system (mind, body, spirit). When receiving Ocular Light Therapy, you take in anaglyphic colored light through one eye at a time. As the light gently washes over your eye, the color and the timing of the light's flicker enables you to access mental images, emotions, and physical sensations. This allows release to take place on all of these levels.

An estimated 90% of the light receptors in your body are connected directly or indirectly to your optic nerves. Each specific color wavelength from the sun, while taken in through the eyes, lights up specific quadrants of our brain. The major glands of our body (the pineal, the pituitary and the hypothathmus) are also primarily stimulated by light. The brain and these major glands fully govern all the body's systems. Therefore, Ocular Light Therapy is one of the quickest ways to effect the brain and these systems.

Ocular Light Therapy can stimulate rapid change - personally, professionally, athletically and academically. Often change is noticed through focused energy, greater self-esteem, productivity and emotional stability. You experience functioning at your highest level, seemingly for the first time.

Practitioners Available for Brain Integration Therapy and Ocular Light Therapy
Suzan Dalle
Raymond Dalle

Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Available by appointment only

Duration and Pricing

Brain Integration Therapy, Ocular Light Testing and Initial Appointment
2 hours, $80 per hour
Price of Testing and Initial Appointment includes a notebook of instructions and home procedures. Equipment for home is available for purchase.

Brain Integration Therapy and Ocular Light Subsequent Appointments
1 hour, $80 per hour

Sliding Scale Available and PayPal Payments Accepted