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Suzan Dalle

Suzan Dalle, OVT

Suzan has over 30 years of experience helping people process their life’s challenges and coming to a greater understanding of their highest potential.

Her work encompasses a wide range of clients from all walks of life. She has worked with gifted children, children with learning challenges, children in the Juvenile Justice Center, all-star athletes, adults working through life’s transitions and those who want to increase their spiritual awareness to understand their “life’s purpose”.


  • Certification as Optometric Vision Therapist from the Optometric       Extension Program
  • Certification in Ocular Light Therapist
  • Certification in Developmental Child Psychology from the Center of       Human Potential
  • Completed a 2 year program in Ayurveda with Dr. Paul Dugliss, with       emphasis on Vedic Psychology
  • Certified 3rd Degree Reike Master, training with Dr. Gabriel Cousins,      1995
  • Study of Mind-Body-Spirit Emotional Integration since 1968
  • 20 years of work with Clinical Psychologists and Developmental       Optometrists
  • Created the Brain Integration Program in 1990
  • Established Seeing the Light in 1990

Suzan’s education and career in holistic healing modalities sprung from her and her children’s personal journey of self-healing.  After 20 years experience working clinically with many doctors, she completed her training as a Vision and Ocular Light Therapist.

She branched out on her own in 1990 to further develop a program of healing called Brain Integration Therapy.  This program utilizes her experiential understanding of how we function as human beings by integrating all modalities of the developmental process - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and kinesis.    

“We all deserve the right to heal and to be honored for our own knowing.  I acknowledge all those who have coached me on my own personal path of healing.  My intent is to share in bliss from a center of love and grace.”
- Suzan Dalle

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Raymond Dalle

Raymond Dalle

Raymond has spent the last nineteen years illuminating his past in order to come closer to the path of integrity, clarity and service. Through this process he has researched and studied the modalities in which he has become certified. He has a unique perspective on healing because his first motivation was to heal himself. He has found a home in his heart's work as an Ayurvedic Practitioner with emphasis on Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology). Also he is certified in Brain Integration Therapy and Ocular Light Therapy.


  • Certified Jyotish (Ayruvedic Astrology) Practitioner, training with Dr.       Suhas Kshirsagar, 2008
  • Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Registered Through NAMA, training with       Dr. Paul Dugliss, 2008
  • Certified as a Brain Integration Therapist, 1997
  • Certified as an Ocular Light Therapist, 1997
  • Certified in Jin Shin Jyotsu, 1997
  • Certified 3rd Degree Reike Master, training with Dr. Gabriel Cousins,      1995

While working with Raymond, he brings specific intentions to each client.
He intends to work with clients, having the faith that his highest self will guide him.
He intends to create a program facilitating the client's purpose and goals.
He intends to hold love in his heart for each client while the growth process is taking place.
He intends to stand in a place of clear communication with gratitude, peace and love for all.

"There are times in our lives where who we are is more important then what we want. Serving with love opens doors, and creates peace.“ - Raymond Dalle

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Inge Asman, LCSW

Inge has 36 years of experience working with people helping and guiding to resolve conflict trauma and emotional pain. She deals with problem behavior, relational conflicts and personal growth in a compassionate, respectful and accepting way.

The last 25 years she has remained in private practice. She is experienced and works with a multitude of ages, ranging from children to older adults. She provides services to individuals, couples and groups by employing techniques of grief therapy, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy to name just a few. She is an active listener and expresses opinions and ideas respectively when requested.


  • BA Social Welfare University of Washington, WA State, 1974
  • Masters of Social Work University of Washington, 1976
  • Licensed in California (LCSW), 1986
  • Certification in Vivation (Rebirthing), 1986
  • 2nd degree Black Belt in Aikido, 1990
  • Certification in Brain Integration Training, 1995
  • Certification in EMDR, 1998
  • 2nd degree Reiki Master, 1999
  • 25 Certifications in various therapies. Some instructors included:
          John Bradshaw, Carol Riteburger, and Dr. Parnell, 1999-2007
  • Two years Training in Ayurveda with emphasis in Vedic Psychology,
          Dr. Paul Dugliss, 2007

Her own personal challenges have brought her a deeper understanding of the therapies that she offers. She is not afraid to share her wealth of knowledge on a personal level. You will experience her not shying away from deeper subjects including spirituality and personal growth.

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