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There are many approaches to therapy, counseling and life coaching. Many of which have been found to be very successful. Suzan is very honored to be part of a field that is willing to look at hard issues and help people through traumatic times. She truly believes the goal is altruism, empathy, and compassion. When people embark on a healing journey, in her mind, people cannot overlook emotional well-being, or lack thereof. Connecting with the joy of living creates an open heart to recognize limitless possibilities for growth. Learning to not focus on one's fear is an intricate part of the therapy process. Since psychology is not an exact science, it is open to individual interpretation and application.

Through Suzan's personal healing journey she has discovered different therapies that she has found to be both reparative and lasting.

These therapies may include:

Her approach is compassionate and interactive. There is an active dialogue where the client is guided to their own self realizations. At times, the dialogue can feel intense, heart piercing, and gratifying while experiencing a loving, non-judgmental voice.

Every part of this experience is to uncover the self-sabotaging of the healing process. Victimhood has been learned on every level of human development in society. To take personal responsibility with self-motivation is the foundation of healing. There are choices in every moment of existence. When empowered to choose loving, kind and supportive actions and thoughts new neuro-pathways are connected.

In session, Suzan is often guided by her intuition of her higher self and can listen to what is not being said. She is able to uncover aspects of the being and give those experiences a voice. This allows pure, honest communication as not experienced before. One feels heard, seen, acknowledged and validated, possibly for the first time. Through this experience, freedom from previous beliefs allows the light to shine on "who we are, rather than who we are not".

Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Available by appointment only

Duration and Pricing

Individual Counseling
1 or 2 hour appointments, $80 per hour

Couples Counseling
2 hour appointments, $90 per hour

Child Counseling
1 hour appointments, $50 per hour

Family Counseling
2 hour appointments, $90 per hour

Sliding Scale Available and PayPal Payments Accepted