Brain Integration Therapy
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What is Brain Integration Therapy?

While Suzan was in Ocular Light training, Dr. John Downing showed the class a slide from the Smithsonian Institute of a 4-week-old fetus. She witnessed "a brain budding eyeballs". This thought struck her, "our eyes are the brain piercing the skin". She realized in that moment, the fastest way for the brain to make changes would be through the visual system. How people perceive their world is how people live in their world. Quantum physics teaches, "what you focus on will expand". These concepts expanded what Suzan was already practicing and created a great interest in other modalities that also supported healing. Brain Integration Therapy is the term that Suzan and Raymond Dalle created to encompass all of these modalities. The goal of Brain Integration Therapy is to first witness learned behaviors and then to actively participate in patterning new behaviors, which facilitates healing.

Brain Integration Therapy is a way of treating the whole being. This whole-being approach looks at the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and kinetic aspects of each individual. Assessments lead to the discovery of the individual's integrative process, finding the imbalances that may appear in each area.

Individual assessments may include:

From these assessment findings, healing programs are developed. These programs include bi-weekly office visits (approximately 2 hours each) and homework.

Since the emphasis is on taking personal responsibility for lifestyle changes, these program's results are experienced within the first month.

Healing Programs may include:

When you think of the developmental process within everyone, you can understand why it is important to have a unique program for each individual, which is Brain Integration Therapy. Many have been incredibly frustrated trying to find healing programs that are productive and lasting. The goal at Seeing the Light is to facilitate progress on every level through a loving, kind and compassionate environment. As the whole, balanced, healed self awakens, a new perspective on life is born. Old patterns and conditioning are replaced with an authentic self.

Practitioners Available for Brain Integration Therapy
Suzan Dalle
Raymond Dalle

Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Available by appointment only

Duration and Pricing

Brain Integration Therapy, Ocular Light Testing and Initial Appointment
2 hours, $80 per hour
Price of Testing and Initial Appointment includes a notebook of instructions and home procedures. Equipment for home is available for purchase.

Brain Integration Therapy and Ocular Light Subsequent Appointments
1 hour, $80 per hour

Ayrvedic Health Consultation
2 hour appointment, $80 per hour

Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology)
2 hour appointments, $100 per hour
Jyotish (Ayurvedic Astrology) appointments may include an Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Sliding Scale Available and PayPal Payments Accepted

Brain Integration Therapy