Client Handouts

Seeing the Light is providing the following handouts for their current clients. You will be instructed as to which handouts you need to download. These will be used during the sessions.

Please click on the name of the article or file to begin the download.

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Brain Integration Therapy

7 Questions: Modalities of Brain Integration Therapy PDF 82 kb

Introduction to Brain Intergration Therapy PDF 135 kb

In-Depth Look at Brain Intergration Therapy PDF 172 kb

If I Were to Love You, a poem by Suzan Dalle PDF 123 kb

Preceived Depth Image (PDI), Seeing the Light JPG 926 kb

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7 Questions: Communication PDF 76 kb

Communication Agreement PDF 123 kb

Common Points of Disharmony in Relationships PDF 156 kb

Sayings to Incorporate Daily PDF 82

Steps for Sucessful Communication PDF 132 kb

The Four Agreements PDF 90 kb

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Suggested Readings

Brain Integration Therapy

The Power Behind Your Eyes, by Robert-Michael Kaplan

Seeing Without Glasses, by Robert-Michael Kaplan

The Everyday Genius, by Peter Kline

Take Off Your Glasses and See, by Jacob Liberman

The Art of Seeing, by Aldous Huxley


There is Nothing Wrong with You by Cheri Huber

The Fear Book by Cheri Huber

The Key: And the Name of the Key is Willingness by Cheri Huber

Ayurvedic Health

Ayurveda - The Power to Heal, by Paul Dugliss, M.D.

The Myth of Cholesterol, by Paul Dugliss, M.D. and Sandra Fernandez

Enlightened Nutrition, by Paul Dugliss, M.D.

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Client Handouts