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Ayurveda (i-your-veda) means "the science of life".

It is the world's oldest recorded system of healing and is known as the Mother of all healing. It is a holistic health science and deals with body, mind, and spirit as one. The World Health Organization recognizes Ayurveda as a complete, natural, alternative, holistic health system.

Ayurveda understands that healing is natural. It is our nature to become whole again. Just as when you cut your finger, you don't have to think to heal the wound. Your healing takes place naturally, continuously, and effortlessly. Ayurveda presupposes that all healing is encoded in the framework of our bodies, minds and spirits.

When Suzan and Raymond began the course work in Ayurvedic Practitioner Training, Dr. Paul Dugliss conveyed the ancient wisdom of the Vedics, "What you feel, as a practitioner, is real". This quote pierced their hearts and opened their minds to the understanding that all aspects of the being (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) are considered during an Ayurvedic Health Consultation. Possibly, the most surprising aspect, of the Ayurvedic Health Consultation, will be: what the client feels and knows about their body is the most important information. You will be honored as your own physician and will learn to become your own healer. Therefore, your lifestyle (including, diet, exercise, spirituality, and your emotional wellbeing) will become the foundation when determining how to achieve optimum health.

The ancient science of "pulse reading" is very different than the most commonly known form practiced in Western Medicine. In Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine, your pulses are read by the practitioner holding your hand and placing their three fingers on your wrist (see image below). This seems like a simple process, however, each finger feels three different pulses from three different areas of the body. These nine primary pulses are just the beginning. There are 7 layers to each of these nine pulses. Each layer represents a different aspect of your physical, emotional and mental state in this moment, as well as your past experiences of these states. You will experience the practitioner applying pressure on your wrist as they are listening to your body as they move through the layers. Reading your pulses will be at the basis of gathering your body's information on what is, and has been, out of balance.

After reading your pulses, the findings will be discussed with you. Together, with the practitioner, based on your most pressing need, a treatment plan will be developed.

The recommendations may include:

A strong belief in Ayurvedic medicine is that the healing process starts "where you are". You will find your program and recommendations to be gentle and non-invasive. Clients report significant changes in their health by incorporating the recommendations within the first three months.

You will be asked to schedule regular follow up visits. In each of these follow up visits your pulses will be read to keep track of your progress. This process gives immediate feedback on your responses to the changes.

As you are coming back into balance you may experience dramatic changes or you may experience a slow and steady progress. Your immediate symptoms will begin to subside. More importantly, the cause of your symptoms will continue to be addressed. As long as you are supporting yourself through your lifestyle you will experience a lasting, optimum health and wellbeing.

The Amazing Story: He Has Not Uttered a Single Word (Please click this link to read this story)

Suzan and Raymond choose to share this story with you to illuminate that your initial health consultation will be a loving and caring experience. It also highlights that Ayurvedic medicine is an accepted science in the medical field. Since Ayurvedic medicine is a non-invasive approach to healing, your overall healing process will be one of compassion.

Pulse Reading

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Practitioners Available for Ayurvedic Health Consultations
Suzan Dalle
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Ayrvedic Health Consultation
2 hour appointment, $80 per hour

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