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Whether you are here for Individual, Couples, Child or Family Therapy, Suzan is dedicated to getting at the core issues. She may find it beneficial to bring in other members of your family when needed, to facilitate the healing process.

Individual Counseling

It doesn't matter why you are coming, what you will experience is an environment where you will be held lovingly and compassionately. Together, you will come to understand your personal contribution to how you arrived at this moment in time. Different methods will be used for clarity and understanding of your own personal psychology through homework assignments which may include journaling, letter writing, self-trance work, prescribed reading, meditation and affirmations (to name a few).

Suzan has the ability to hear what you are not saying. Therefore, accessing your core issues in a precise and clear manner. She has a very direct approach. You can expect that you will be asked about your lifestyle choices including:

After a complete history, it is important to Suzan to start your healing process "where you are", which is the Ayurvedic approach. A specific program will be designed for you with your complete agreement and, possibly, your resistance. We often feel resistant to change. That is why she begins where you are and you experience movement when you are ready.

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Couples Counseling

Suzan believes the first session is very important to ascertain whether or not her style and your needs are compatible. She understands that revealing your inner most intimate thoughts and experiences puts each of you in a vulnerable place. She allows time for both of you to interview her about her personal experiences. Through becoming mutually open, she believes trust is established and what seemed like a daunting process becomes achievable.

Suzan's couples counseling is unique because throughout the couple's process there may be times when individual work is necessary. She feels very comfortable to honor each partner fairly. However, there are times when each of you may need to look closer at your individual selves.

Couples counseling is a process where you learn to communicate in a way that allows your partner to hear you. Through honest, open communication you experience positive feedback, which leads to having your needs met.

Compromise, while meeting in the middle, is the intention of the work. Suzan believes in achieving a consensus when tough decisions are being made. However, sometimes we find that there are morals or values that are not negotiable. We will openly explore these beliefs while honoring your individual needs as well as the partnership.

Continuing the learning process at home is key to your success. Suzan has found certain procedures and exercises that are complimentary to your therapy sessions. A commitment from each person to engage in these recommended home procedures will be needed to foster mutual respect in your relationship.

When you come back for each session, there will be a check in time to communicate the previous week's successes and challenges. Those will be discussed before moving on to any new challenges.

Each couples session is a minimum of two hours. Sessions may be held once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month. The amount of at-home work is dependent on the frequency of your sessions.

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Child Counseling

2 years - 18 years

The initial history is taken with the parent(s) only, without the child present. This can be done in a separate appointment or, if the child is old enough to be in the waiting room unattended, this can happen at the beginning of the child's initial appointment. Subsequent visits are one hour and primarily with only the child. If the child wants or needs the parent(s) present, initially, that is acceptable while our goal will be to establish trust to progress to a one-on-one session.

Suzan has 25 years of experience working with all types of children and their specific challenges. These includes:

Different developmental stages require different approaches. These might include:

If the initial issue is child/parent(s) communication, it may be necessary to include sessions with parent(s) to foster better communication. A home program will be agreed upon and a commitment will be made by all parties involved to actively participate in the home program.

Suzan's intention in working with children will be to specifically advocate for their needs. She considers the child as her primary client and, as with any client, will be fully committed to their healing process. Often, other professionals already working with the child (such as teachers and/or doctors), will be included in a team approach.

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Family Counseling/Communication Training

In the 21st century we find the term "family" to be diverse and extended. Many unique challenges have arisen through this new paradigm. Suzan is comfortable working within any family dynamic. She has often found it necessary to visit the home. These home visits are usually profound and enlightening.

Family sessions may include individual time for each participating member and then a group session. Suzan's intention is for each family member to have the experience of being heard and understood by the other participants. Compromise is always necessary to reach agreements on behavioral changes. Techniques and communication will be taught and practiced within the session. These sessions are encouraged to be interactive.

Homework is essential to the success of this program. Part of the homework is to implement weekly family meetings in the home. The structure and goals of these meetings will be taught during a family session with Suzan. Sometimes it is beneficial for individual contracts to be made that list specific goals, commitments and agreements. Charts may be sent home so that each individual can monitor their progress.

Suzan relies upon her many years of experience in different therapeutic settings and brings this wisdom to the family dynamic to ensure the most beneficial outcome.

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Although Suzan has the educational background and experience necessary for this work, she has chosen to not participate in the licensing process in order to include different modalities of healing into her practice. To learn more about these diverse therapies, please read about them here.

Appointments Available

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 6 pm
Weekends Available by appointment only

Duration and Pricing

Individual Counseling
1 or 2 hour appointments, $80 per hour

Couples Counseling
2 hour appointments, $90 per hour

Child Counseling
1 hour appointments, $50 per hour

Family Counseling
2 hour appointments, $90 per hour

Sliding Scale Available and PayPal Payments Accepted